Ken Adam DB5 Concept Sketch Art Print - Numbered Edition (Unframed)


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A 007Store exclusive. This hand-printed fine art print features iconic Ken Adam sketches of the Aston Martin DB5 for Goldfinger (1964). Printed on Hahnemuhle bamboo 290gsm art paper, each edition is supplied with a certificate of authenticity, hand numbered and dated by Eon Productions. This is a numbered series of 1,000.

Backstory. The artwork shows Production Designer Ken Adam's felt-tip pen ideas for up-speccing Bond's iconic Aston Martin DB5. An RAF fighter pilot during WWII, Ken Adam had a history of owning fast cars, including a super-charged Mercedes and a couple of E-type Jags. The legendary designer enthusiastically designed fantasy extras for Bond’s car which were unveiled for the first time in Goldfinger. Adam exorcised his personal traffic demons by adding battering-ram bumpers and Ben-Hur-style tyre scythes. He took a tip from Director Guy Hamilton on the advantages a revolving number plate affords you in avoiding parking tickets or, in Bond’s case crossing borders inconspicuously. Not all of the gadgets Adam envisioned here were actualised on the film car - including the flamethrowers and search light to house radar aerial - but it's a wonderful insight into the mind of one of the Bond series' visionaries.

Size & price options.

  • Small, in a series of 65. H38.1cm/15", W25.4cm/10" - £225
  • Medium, in a series of 450. H76.2cm/30", W50.8cm/20" - £450
  • Large, in a series of 100. H152.4cm/60", W101.6cm/40" - £900

Details. The unframed print is shipped in a cardboard tube. The print is covered in a sheet of acid-free tissue with the certificate of authenticity rolled in the centre of the tube. We also apply a roll around the outside of the print - a protective layer of plain white card to protect the outside and corners of the print. All packaging used are recyclable, biodegradable or made from recycled materials.The paper we print on is completely renewable, and biodegradable. Bamboo grows rapidly and is sourced from ethically responsible and sustainable forests.