We are open for business and continue to ship worldwide. Due to new safety protocols, orders are now being despatched within two business days of purchase.





You have 30 days from receipt of goods to notify us if you wish to exchange an item or simply return it for a full refund, less the original delivery charge. To return an item, please attach the returns slip enclosed with your purchase and attach to the outer packaging. Simply return your parcel to the post office making sure to get a proof of postage.

If the item is apparel, it cannot be worn or washed. Jewelry cannot be returned. A damaged or defective item can only be replaced for the same item - another item cannot be substituted in place of a damaged or defective item.

Return/exchange times are dependent on the country you are sending it from. For the US we estimate one week, for Canada two weeks.

If your product is faulty please contact us 007store-us@exosports.org and we will help you. 

Unfortunately unless damaged on delivery, jewelry is non refundable for health and safety hygiene reasons.

All online orders will need to be sent back to our warehouse using the returns slip inside. We cannot process online returns in any other way.