James Bond 007 Secret Agent Attaché Case - Numbered Edition


Introducing the re-issue of the James Bond 007 Secret Agent Attaché Case, one of the toy world’s most coveted collectibles. Celebrating the series' forthcoming 60th Anniversary, we celebrate this piece of movie memorabilia once more - this time as a collector’s piece, in a numbered special edition series.

Backstory. The case is inspired by James Bond’s trick attaché case seen in From Russia with Love and was first released as a toy in 1965.

Details. The 2021 case is made from the original 1965 moulds and includes a coding device for writing secret messages, a code book, a passport, international currency, secret business cards, gold coins and a viewing movie camera. Updates from the original include the flocked red interior (matching the movie prop), a replica of the original James Bond Secret Agent Movie Camera in place of the gun, and gold coins in place of bullets, inspired by those in the film. It also includes a Secret Agent Pen.
This pen writes with invisible ink. Can only be read by another “00 Secret Agent” with another “Secret Agent Pen” as the pen has an ultra-violet light to reveal the secret message.

The attaché case is made with black simulated leather, gold metalwork and 007 combination locks with a dagger insignia. 

Dimensions. L21", W21.5", D3". 4 lbs