James Bond 1957 Chevy Bel Air Model Car with Display Tin - Dr. No Edition - by Round 2


This is a 1:64 scale model of the iconic convertible Chevy Bel Air that chauffeurs 007 in his first cinematic adventure, Dr. No (1962). The die-cast metal replica can be displayed in the full colour gloss metal presentation stand, showing the movie poster artwork.

Backstory. The 1957 Chevy Bel Air has a short, but exciting role in Dr. No. It is used to collect James Bond from the airport and is driven by an undercover villain. In the true style of 007, it still ended up in a brief chase scene!

Collector's special edition. The makers, Round 2, run a special collectors edition version of all their 1:64 scale models, with a small percentage of the cars made in a different variation and mixed randomly into the run. These are highly collectible and sought after... until you open your box, you don't know if you will be lucky. The White Lightening edition pictured here with white seats is an example of the Chevy Bel Air special edition, so look out for it!

Details. The 1:64 scale model is made with authentic details from the film, using references from the Bond Archive. Made in high quality die-cast metal, the open top Chevy can sit within its own Dr. No diorama case, made of painted metal with an official 007 logo plaque. 

The makers. Based in Indiana, USA, Round 2 is dedicated to producing detailed, high quality playable and collectible items.