James Bond Model Vehicle Collection - Little Nellie, Lotus Esprit & Moonraker Space Shuttle - By Corgi


This new collection brings together three of James Bond's most iconic modes of transport - the Little Nellie gyrocopter, Lotus Esprit amphibious car and Moonraker space shuttle. Each is beautifully crafted by Corgi to scale.


Little Nellie. This autogyro is a small one person helicopter, fully fitted out with a powerful selection of gadgets by Q Branch. Flown by 007 on an armed reconnaissance mission in You Only Live Twice (1967), Little Nellie is forced to prove its mettle when it is engaged by helicopters operated by SPECTRE.

Lotus Esprit. Perhaps the single most outlandish car Bond has driven, the iconic white Lotus Esprit is capable of transforming from surface driving to submersible operations underwater. Appearing in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), this heavily armed vehicle is capable of blowing foes out of the water!

Moonraker Space Shuttle. Bond took to the stars in Moonraker (1979), travelling into Earth's orbit aboard this space shuttle to stop Hugo Drax from destroying all human life on the planet below. Bond acted as a gunner aboard the shuttle in the resulting battle with Drax's forces.

Details. This collection features three painted die-cast metal models based on the designs and models in the Bond Archive. Presented in a window box with James Bond graphics. Suitable for 14+. 

Dimensions. Little Nellie 110mm, Lotus Esprit 90mm, space shuttle 90mm

The makers. Corgi is a leading manufacturer of high quality, pre-built, diecast models. Each model is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using the specifications of the original vehicle and constructed with precision-tooled diecast metal and plastic components.