Lotus Esprit Submarine Keyring - The Spy Who Loved Me Edition


Appearing in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), the 007 Lotus Esprit S1 Submarine is one of the most iconic of James Bond's many Q inventions. This James Bond Lotus Esprit Keyring design features a 3D replica of the transforming vehicle in polished metal.

Backstory. Perhaps the single most outlandish car Bond has driven, the iconic white Lotus Esprit is capable of transforming from surface driving to submersible operations underwater. Appearing in The Spy Who Loved Me, this heavily armed vehicle is affectionately known as Wet Nellie. The underwater conversion system includes rudders and fins from the sides, a propeller replacing the back bumper, blackened windows to block out glare and a periscope rises from the roof. In the scene, Bond launches an air-to-sea missile using the car’s gearshift to destroy the hovering helicopter. As Stromberg’s divers attack the car, 007 deploys front-mounted torpedoes, an ink cloud and a mine. 007 re-configures the car back into a land vehicle, emerging from the sea to the surprise of some startled tourists.

Details. Die cast polished zinc alloy metal

Dimensions. Including keychain 9.5cm length x 3cm width x 1cm height